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Edible textiles: You’ll never believe how easy this cake-decorating hack is


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When’s the last time you tried making a sugar paste violet, a buttercream rose or a perfectly smooth fondant-covered cake? That ish is hard, which is why these cake textiles are totally blowing my mind.

Chefanie sheets
Image: Chefanie

Invented by Chef Stephanie Nass, Chefanie Sheets are made from a thin sheet of tapioca starch and sweetener that dries overnight and is then screen-printed with beautiful designs — everything from a faux-marble look to a lush, tropical print.

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Chefanie sheets
Image: Chefanie

To use them, simply smooth the sheet over a buttercream-frosted cake (it works on ice cream cakes too), and get ready to impress your party guests.

Like, seriously, look how easy it is:

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So much easier than sweating over a bowl of buttercream or trying to use lumpy icing to pipe “Happy Birthday” in something more artistic than a third-grader’s handwriting.

You get a totally polished, artsy cake, and because it’s so easy to put together, you’ll actually have energy to celebrate when your guests arrive.

You can get Chefanie Sheets starting at 15 bucks a pop on the website. Both small and large sizes are available. The sheets are sold as part of a kit, which also includes a ruler for precise application and full instructions for use.

Kiss your piping bag bye-bye — this is just the first product in what could turn into the biggest cake-decorating trend since fondant.

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