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Man with chocolate chip cookie recipe tattoo has his priorities straight


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There’s love, and then there’s love. One dude in Minnesota proved that chocolate chip cookies were his one true love by getting the recipe tattooed on his leg. Forget the “Mom” tattoo… this is the most heartwarming ink I’ve ever seen.

chocolate chip cookie recipe leg tattoo
Image: Rudecarp/Reddit

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Reddit user Rudecarp snapped a pic of the masterpiece when he spotted the man at a walk benefiting a breast cancer charity. I guess you could say he did two good deeds that day, one of which was sharing this beautiful testament to all things chocolate chip and cookie with the world.

The recipe looks pretty standard, though there aren’t any directions for mixing the ingredients. Here’s hoping those who follow the recipe know about creaming the sugar and butter together or mixing the dry ingredients before adding them to the wet.

Either way, at least one person has been able to make cookies based on the recipe — the original Reddit poster himself.

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Chocolate chip cookies
Image: Rudecarp/Reddit

They look pretty good, right?

So the next time you have a hankering for cookies, just look at a picture of this dude’s leg. If you still have an appetite after peering through all that leg hair, then you deserve as many cookies as you’d like.

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