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This American hero is living the dream by eating Chipotle every damn day


SheKnows Editorial

Remember the name Devin Cunningham. He’s a true American hero who has eaten at Chipotle every single day for nearly a year.

This dude put more effort into continuing his yearlong burrito binge than I did into getting my bachelor’s degree. In a harrowing, yearlong struggle that is almost at its end, Cunningham made multiple international trips to secure his supply of Chipotle in an E. coli-mad world.

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The E. coli scandal struck Chipotle just a few weeks after Cunningham started his challenge, shuttering Chipotles throughout his hometown in Washington state. But rather than give up and settle for a year of Qdoba, he drove to British Columbia several times to stock up on burritos, freezing them until he needed to call upon their tortilla-wrapped glory.

Apparently on one trip, his car window broke, and he was forced to drive back to the U.S. with rain pouring into his car (luckily no burritos were harmed on the journey). I’ve performed more than my fair share of desperate stunts when I was craving a burrito (never forget the Chipotle free burrito coupon hustle of early 2016), but my intentions were slightly different from those of Cunningham, a fitness guru.

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His goal? To prove that when you monitor your nutrients carefully, you can basically control how your body gains and loses weight. He initially wanted to bulk up and gained 16 pounds by ordering massive double meat and guac burritos. Then he shed nearly 25 pounds by making sure his burritos weren’t too heavy on the rice, beans and cheese.

Cunningham, in an effort to “inspire people to be fit and not give up on their fitness goals,” is on day 316 of his stated 366-day goal, and I think I might join him in solidarity. I’ve finally found a hero that can inspire me to achieve my goal of single-handedly bringing my local Chipotle back from the brink of ruin. I too can bravely eat Chipotle every damn day. E. coli be damned — when the world calls for a hero, a few brave souls will always answer.

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