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Where in God’s name can we get our hands on Ecto Cooler?


SheKnows Editorial

In celebration of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, Hi-C has re-released its classic Ecto Cooler drink. But the only thing harder than forgetting the ’90s is getting your hands on a can or juice box of the new drink.

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The re-release is technically available in stores now, but many of them aren’t carrying it, even though Coca-Cola has it in its warehouses. And the grocery stores that are stocking it are selling out as soon as they put it on the shelves. Spooky!

So what’s a thirsty Ecto Cooler fanatic to do after nearly two decades of waiting for this sweet nectar to once again touch her Lip Smacker-glossed lips?

You can try ordering it on Amazon, though it’s been going in and out of stock since its release. It turns out we nostalgia-crazed beverage enthusiasts are a little too good with the internet.

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Or you can try eBay, where cans of the new Hi-C Ecto Cooler are going for as little as $10 and as high as… well, as high as your blood sugar will be once you get your hands on a can of Ecto Cooler.

If you prefer brick-and-mortar shopping, you can call your nearest grocer and tell them you want to get your Slime on. If they seem confused, you can clarify that you want them to carry the relaunch of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, distributed by Coca-Cola. If they get enough calls, they may consider ordering some (or hiring more security).

As a last resort, you can buy a case of Hi-C Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen. It’s apparently exactly the same drink as the original Ecto Cooler, and you can always just print out a picture of Slimer to use as a koozie while you drink.

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We live in a strange but wonderful time. The sugary, violently fluorescent beverage of our youth can indeed make a comeback, but the drink itself remains as elusive as the very ghosts it seeks to celebrate. Now, if we can just add the artificial coloring back to my favorite breakfast cereal, all will be right with the world.

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