What Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller eats when she's too tired to cook

Jun 15, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Shannon Miller is a former Olympic gymnast, health and wellness expert, mother of two and a pro at juggling her busy schedule. We asked her how she keeps up a healthy, balanced lifestyle for herself and her kids.

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Here’s what Shannon picks when she’s alone and on the go:

After a long day, cooking needs to be quick and easy. Grilled chicken with broccoli and rice is a fast and healthy meal to whip together, especially when it’s been prepared beforehand. My other go-to is a healthy salad. My goal is to always have ingredients great for salads on hand, such as hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, chickpeas and blue cheese crumbles, so I can throw everything into a bowl for a flavorful meal.

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And when it comes to feeding her kids, these are her go-tos:

One of my all-time favorite meals to make for my family is homemade chicken soup. Over the weekend, I’ll make a large portion, freeze leftovers and defrost on a weeknight after a long day. My kids also love lasagna, which is another easy meal to freeze and defrost during the week. Lasagna is easy to serve with a side of "power punch peas,” as my kids call them.

Miller says she also relies on her Juice Plus+ vitamins to make sure her kids are still getting all their nutrients when she can’t get them to eat their extra veggies.

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