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Somewhere over the rainbow, this black ice cream reigns supreme


SheKnows Editorial

If you prefer your sweets on the Johnny Cash side of things, then this black ice cream will be right up your alley.

It’s not just dark like a dark dark chocolate, it’s actually pitch black thanks to one surprising ingredient.

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It’s activated coconut ash, of all things. Coconut ash is made from charred coconut shells, and it makes this ice cream the perfect antidote to those of us who have just about had it with the recent rainbow food trend. I feel like moody high school me would have loved being able to eat Goth ice cream while brooding about, well, everything.

You can grab a scoop at Morgenstern’s in New York City, pairing it with its other fancy flavors, like raw milk and strawberry balsamic. The result is a very modern-looking, monochromatic cone.

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The other great thing? Coconut ash is apparently good for you, ish. Activated charcoal can be used for everything from reducing flatulence, lowering cholesterol and more.

Any excuse to enjoy some fancy ice cream, right?

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