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South Korea invents ice cream that cures hangover — let’s drink to that


SheKnows Editorial

In South Korea, it’s no wonder hangover cures are a $126 million industry — the country is Asia’s biggest per capita alcohol consumer. But their latest hangover cure sounds so delicious I would try it even without a pounding headache and dry mouth.

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Called Gyeondyo-bar (which means “hang in there”), the grapefruit-flavored ice cream bar relies on raisin tree fruit extract to temper the symptoms of a bad hangover.

Raisin tree fruit has been used to cure hangovers since the 17th century and was found in 2012 to lessen the effects of intoxication on rats.

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And just like a cold glass of water (or Gatorade) can make you feel refreshed after a long night of drinking, so can ice pops. The citrus flavor of the ice cream bar is a bonus — grapefruit has an energizing and cheering aroma that’s sure to perk up any wayward partyers.

It sounds good to me. Maybe next time I find myself in a similar position, I will eschew my usual greasy breakfast potatoes and seltzer in favor of citrus ice cream and ice pops. Now all I have to do is hunt down a raisin fruit tree…

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