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Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa is going to blow your mind


SheKnows Editorial

Just when you thought you were safe, the Double Down is coming back to haunt you.

KFC’s original Double Down removed the traditional bun from a sandwich and replaced it with fried chicken fillets, and Taco Bell is now following suit.

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Its Naked Chicken Chalupa sees a thin fried chicken fillet taco shell stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and avocado ranch sauce. It’s crispy, juicy and stuffed with veggies and a creamy sauce… what’s not to love?

And that’s what makes it scary. It isn’t that it sounds bad… it’s that it sounds almost irresistible. When this sort of temptation is just a drive-thru trip away, it’s impossible to not give in to your cravings. I mean, look at it.

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The product is currently being tested at several locations in Bakersfield, California, and in Kansas City, but a rep for the company told BuzzFeed that the possibility of a national launch is promising.

I for one am excited that Taco Bell keeps on innovating, from the waffle taco to the Quesalupa. Next stop? How about a Doritos Locos Naked Chicken Chalupa? Now there’s a mashup that no one could resist.

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