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You won’t believe how much cheese it takes to make the world’s longest pizza


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While I’ve been watching reruns of Gossip Girl and chugging unholy amounts of iced coffee all week, some hardworking chefs in Italy have been doing God’s work.

In Naples, during the L’Unione Fa La Pizza, the chefs of Napoli Pizza Village were hard at work creating the world’s longest pizza.

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It’s a truly beautiful sight to behold: more than a mile of delicious Neapolitan pizza. Forget the view of the Mediterranean — I wouldn’t be able to peel my eyes off of that baby.

After the Guinness Book of World Records rep confirmed that the pizza was record-breaking, guests even got to take home a slice of the magnificently long pizza.

In case you’re thinking of plotting your own record-busting pizza creation, check out the numbers behind the current champion:

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1.15 miles: The length of the finished pizza (I bet I could put a sizable dent in that after a few glasses of wine).

5: The number of wood-fired ovens used to cook the pizza.

11 hours: How long it took to prepare and cook the pizza to perfection.

100: The number of chefs who worked on the pizza.

200 liters: The quantity of olive oil that went into making the pizza.

1,600 kilograms: A whole lot of tomatoes, and the amount that topped the pizza.

2,000 kilograms: How much flour was used to make the pizza.

2,000 kilograms: The quantity of fiordilatte cheese that was sprinkled atop the pizza (not to nitpick, but they probs should have used more, judging by the fact that everything is better with double cheese).

I mean, I won’t say it sounds easy to make a record-breaking pizza, but if anyone wants to use my Costco card to pick up the ingredients, I promise I will be the best taste tester the world has ever seen.

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Image: Guinness World Records

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