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No-cook dinner ideas — besides takeout or delivery, we mean

Friends, I have your get-out-of-cooking-dinner card right here. Stacie Billis’ cookbook Make It Easy is loaded with the kinds of simple, kid-friendly recipes we’re always looking for. But it’s all the other home-cooking intel that makes this so much more than a cookbook — like her supermarket guide and advice on saving time and money.

So instead of featuring a recipe from the cookbook, we thought you’d appreciate this list of no-cook dinner ideas. Of course, you could premake some of these ingredients from scratch — the recipes for them are in the cookbook. But you could totally use store-bought versions, and we’ll keep the secret just between us.

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hummus pita chips
Image: Naomi McColloch

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10 totally acceptable, no-cook dinner ideas

via Stacie Billis’ cookbook Make It Easy

Because some nights, that’s how we have to roll. And it’s OK. Save money, skip the takeout, and try one of these quick, nutritious meals.

1. Bowl of hummus* topped with feta and whatever else you have around (think: cucumbers, chopped tomato, olives, capers, leftover chicken), served with pita chips.*

2. Yogurt, nut and fresh fruit parfaits. Add granola,* if you have it, for extra heft.

3. Peanut butter* or sunflower seed butter* and banana sandwiches.

4. Get Up and Go smoothie* blended with oats for extra heft and nutrition with some whole-grain toast.

5. Everyday waffles* or everyday pancakes* from the freezer with fresh fruit.

Image: Naomi McColloch

6. Tomato, cheese and pickle sandwich with raw veggie sticks.

7. Tuna salad sandwich with raw veggie sticks and pita chips or tortilla chips* on the side.

8. Deli meat Cobb salad with a side of toast.

9. Roasted tomato hummus* and avocado on crusty bread. Add a smoothie on the side if you have time.

10. A quick bean salad made with drained and rinsed canned beans, any veggies you have on hand (such as cucumber, chopped tomato, thawed peas or corn) and crumbled or cubed cheese, dressed with oil and vinegar. Add leftover or deli meat if you have some.

*Recipes for the hummus, pita chips, granola, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, smoothie, waffles, pancakes and tortilla chips in Make It Easy.

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Image: Naomi McColloch

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