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Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor is gonna fight the powers that be


SheKnows Editorial

Ben & Jerry’s is churning out yet another new election-season flavor, and this one isn’t afraid to make a statement.

Called Empower Mint, the flavor combines creamy peppermint ice cream with chocolaty brownie chunks and a luscious fudge swirl. Sounds pretty good to me!

But the part that’s controversial to some is that proceeds from the ice cream’s sales will go toward the company’s Democracy Is in Your Hands initiative. This campaign seeks to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act and fight back against voter suppression.

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Proceeds from the sales of Empower Mint will also go toward to the NAACP, which has been fighting for voting rights for decades.

Some people think the brand should leave politics out of its ice cream, but honestly, I think it’s one of the things that makes the company so charming — I actually know who the two founders of this ice cream company are, what they stand for and how passionate they are, not just about ice cream.

Like, is there a Ms. Blue Bell? A Mr. Dreyer’s? A Captain Talenti G. Lato? I have no idea who’s running these companies or what their corporate culture is like.

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At least with Ben & Jerry’s, you know where they stand — you can take it or leave it when you’re in the ice cream aisle, but either way, you know what’s at stake.

Empower Mint is a limited-batch flavor that’s available in stores now. The flavor locator on the Ben & Jerry’s website isn’t available for this flavor yet, so if you do find a pint, let the world know where. I’m sure inquiring hungry minds want to know!

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