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The best thing about rainbow sushi is how it gets its color


SheKnows Editorial

I’m totally into the rainbow food trend, whether it’s smoothies, bowls or bagels. But rainbow sushi just might be my favorite addition to this colorful food craze.

Unlike the popular rainbow roll, which uses a variety of fish to create a colorful dish, rainbow sushi colors the rice itself using natural ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, beet powder and matcha.

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Once you line up the colorful rice on your nori, add your choice of toppings, and then roll. You’re left with rainbow sushi swirls that look like little galaxies, and what could make a gal feel more mighty than chomping down on galaxies for lunch?

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It’s fun to think of the possibilities. You can add the classic rainbow colors to each roll, or try doing an ombré of select colors. Or you could roll the whole thing vertically so that each row of colorful rice is its own roll when you slice your log of sushi. Arrange on a plate in order, and voilà — everyone can choose the piece that’s their favorite color. I call dibs on… all of them.

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But you don’t have to stop at rolls. You can use the rainbow rice to make sushi burgers, or you can mix the colors together to make a Funfetti pilaf of sorts.

What would you make with your rainbow rice?

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