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Finland is getting a Burger King sauna, and sweat is the special sauce


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Most people think of spas as health centers. There’s that ubiquitous cucumber spa water, raw vegetable dishes and now, thanks to a new Burger King, Whoppers and Coca-Cola? I can’t tell if it sounds like a dream or a nightmare (though judging by my gag reflex, I’m guessing nightmare?).

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Finland now has its very own Burger King sauna. In a country where there is one sauna for every three people, the restaurant is being praised for integrating itself into the local culture. But is eating American fast food while sitting in a steam room really the embodiment of local culture, or a bastardization of it?

Guests can sit on Burger King-themed benches with their Burger King towels or robes wrapped around them and get sweaty in the steam room. There are TVs and video games to be played and, of course, waiters ready to take your Burger King food orders. Relaxation plus guilty pleasure fast food… it doesn’t sound so bad. Or does it?

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It’s not that the idea of a Burger King attached to a spa is so weird, but the thought of eating while sweat is dripping off my body? And my friends seeing me try to eat a Whopper without having special sauce drip onto my nude body, shiny with perspiration? Not exactly what I’d call relaxing. And with all the moisture in the air, my guess is the place reeks of onions, grease and beef. Not the cleansing vibe most people look for when they visit the spa.

Also? It’s super expensive. Renting the spa for three hours costs USD$283, not including the cost of food. You may as well just hit up the drive-thru and then go home, set your shower as hot as it will go and eat your meal naked while sitting on the toilet after the air gets nice and steamy.

If you are interested in making this international destination the highlight of your next trip abroad, you can reserve the spa here. Just remember: Smoking and, um, outerwear are strictly forbidden.

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