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Brace yourselves for an addition to the listeria recall


SheKnows Editorial

Get ready to root through your pantry — there’s been another addition to the massive listeria recall of the past few weeks.

This time, Quaker is getting in on the recall. Its Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars contain sunflower seeds that may have been contaminated with listeriosis — the same sunflower seeds that caused Trader Joe’s to recall several of its products last week.

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The recalled Quaker Oats products include two varieties of granola bar:

  • 6.1-ounce boxes of Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars Chocolate Nut Medley with UPC code 30000 32241 and best-before dates of 10/16/2016 and 10/17/2016.
  • 6.1-ounce boxes of Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars Yogurt, Fruit & Nut with UPC 30000 32243 and best-before dates of 10/10/2016 and 10/11/2016.

The bars were distributed nationwide, and though no illnesses have been reported yet as a result of their consumption, Quaker is voluntarily recalling the bars to make sure no one gets hurt. If you have any of the recalled products, you should throw them away, or you can return them to the place they were purchased for a full refund.

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I never thought reaching into the pantry would feel so scary. Trying to eat more produce? Sorry, your frozen fruits and veggies might be contaminated! Looking for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast or lunch? Better check your granola bars and salad to see if they’re included in the recall. Oy.

Here’s hoping that these food corporations will start taking a closer look at how our food is made so they can avoid these costly recalls. If listeriosis-related deaths aren’t enough to motivate them, maybe the hits to their bottom lines will be.

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