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Reese’s new meta candy sounds great — but there’s one flaw in their plan


SheKnows Editorial

Reese’s, the candy that effortlessly brings together chocolate and peanut butter in all manner of ways, is about to launch something big.

All week they’ve been hinting that something big is coming, a candy-on-candy mashup the likes of which the world has never seen.

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That’s right — they put Reese’s Pieces inside Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Are we seeing The Matrix in candy form?
I mean, putting one of my favorite candies inside another one of my favorite candies is basically the best idea ever. What’s not to love about a hard chocolate shell filled with smooth peanut butter and yet more toothsome, candy-coated, peanutty treats?

Well, I can think of one thing that gives me pause thanks to this image floating around the web.

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It’s the Pieces. They’re… tiny. Like, way tinier than the originals.

And when I bite into this glorious candy mashup, I want it to taste like what I dreamed of, not like they filled the cups with chunky peanut butter instead of regular. I want big bites, with a satisfying contrast of smooth from the peanut butter and crunchy from the candy shell — something I really have to sink my teeth into.

So I’m worried that the little Pieces will just get lost in all that peanut butter.

Then again, I can think of something worse: a world wherein Reese’s Pieces-filled Peanut Butter Cups don’t exist at all.

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