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About that ‘healthy’ breakfast smoothie we’re supposed to be drinking…

Ever hear that question — why don’t you, busy mom, eat a more healthy breakfast?

Busy moms don’t get delicious breakfasts. Busy moms don’t get to lovingly sprinkle flax seed into the steel-cut oatmeal we babysat for 30 minutes. We’re lucky if we get a moment to rip open a pack of instant oatmeal into a mug. And eat it cold in the car. With a fork that just happened to be on the floor.

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We busy moms are expert scavengers, building Frankenstein breakfasts from scraps and leftovers. That is, if we even get to eat. Some of us are just grateful for the coffee to push us to lunchtime.

If we all had time, we’d make healthy smoothies every morning with fresh fruit, maybe some kale, maybe some protein powder. We’d love a fluffy spinach omelet with that too. Is that what we get? No! We’re lucky to grab a burnt, jelly-free slice of toast on our way to drop the kids off at school. Did the little angels “forget” to finish their Cheerios? We slurp down the soggy cereal and milk. Can’t let that food go to waste!

Depressing fact: Eating our kids’ leftover food helps us pack on the pounds. Not only is it a challenge to make a nutritious breakfast, but the food we barely have time to eat is sabotaging us.

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It’s safe to say we’d all probably eat better — and feel better — if our lives weren’t so hectic.

Well, at least someone gets us. Check out HuffPo‘s A Realistic Smoothie for the Busy Mom recipe video. In it we see all the food moms actually have time to eat in the morning. It’s not pretty!

My favorite ingredient in this smoothie is the whiskey. At the end of the day, moms do the best they can with the time and Cheerios they have. Sometimes all you really can do is pour a stiff shot (or two) of whiskey and laugh. As the video says, fuck it indeed.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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