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We’re starting a campaign to bring Krispy Kreme doughnut ATMs to the U.S.

If you thought Krispy Kreme had already made all your doughnut dreams come true, hold the bus.

A hole-in-the-wall pop-up is coming to London’s Holborn store, selling the company’s new Nutty Chocolatta doughnut. It’s basically an ATM machine that pops out doughnuts instead of cash, and we’re loving it.

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Krispy Kreme confirmed to BuzzFeed that Londoners would be able to use the ATM to satisfy their doughnut cravings at all hours of the day and night, and the exciting Nutella doughnut news was “leaked” to some customers via a letter to store managers.

Obviously this news was very well received on Twitter.
After following the payment instructions on the machine, customers will be able to unlock a doughnut-shaped hatch and see the doughnut, said Krispy Kreme. All members of the company’s loyalty program Friends of Krispy Kreme will receive a unique code to use once at the machine for a free doughnut. Proceeds from the machine will go to Teenage Cancer Trust, a U.K. cancer charity.

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The Nutty Chocolatta will be available at all U.K. Krispy Kreme stores for a limited time, from Friday, May 27 through Sunday, Sept. 4, although rumor has it that if it’s successful (um, if?), it’ll be kept in the rotation. The ATM will be open for business through Saturday, May 21. Let’s hope it’s kept fully stocked. There’s nothing worse than racing to the ATM and finding it’s out of cash doughnuts.


Will Krispy Kreme bring its Nutella ‘nut to these shores? Don’t get your hopes up. It’s like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doughnut scandal all over again. We can but hope…

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