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The grave injustice befalling iced coffee lovers everywhere

We all take our coffee seriously, right? Well, one Starbucks customer is taking their daily latte a little too seriously. reports that the disgruntled coffee lover is suing Starbucks for putting too much ice in those iced coffees. The customer also accuses the company of falsely advertising the ratio of liquid to ice in its cups.

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Suing over iced coffee? Someone needs to chill out a little. (That was too easy. We couldn’t resist!) McDonald’s was infamously sued for having hot coffee, so this new lawsuit continues an American tradition.

On one hand, we get it. Iced coffee done right is the perfect blend of sweet, caffeinated goodness, cold milk and ice. Bad iced coffee resembles dirty dishwater and tastes like a dream deferred. Nobody wants that. This is why most of us pay the Starbucks tax instead of making dishwater drinks at home.

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It’s definitely annoying to spend hard-earned money on a cup of gourmet ice cubes. Starbucks isn’t cheap. But we hate to break it to you — ordering iced coffee anywhere means paying for a lot of ice. It’s not just at Starbucks. Diluted coffee may be a shame, but is it fraud? Buyer beware!

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If you’re not mad enough to join the class action lawsuit, there’s always an easier fix for your watery drink: Simply ask the barista to remake it. It may be a pain to wait a little longer. It is, however, cheaper than paying a lawyer to sue Starbucks. We can’t guarantee they’ll get your name right the second time either. But you can sue for that after you drink your iced coffee.

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