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Your McNuggets are about to get a million times better


SheKnows Editorial

Your fast-food habit is about to get a little healthier. McDonald’s has announced that it’s changing up its McNuggets recipe, which previously had a 32-item ingredient list.

If I see a recipe at home that calls for 32 ingredients, there’s no way I’m tackling it, especially for such a simple end product. But the reason McNuggets have such a long ingredient list is that they’re packed with preservatives and other chemicals that keep them moist — basically making up for how they’re shipped, cooked and kept in warming trays at McDonald’s stores.

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Not so any longer. The new recipe is absent of sodium phosphates, which allegedly keep the chicken moist, and the oil McNuggets are fried in will no longer contain TBHQ, an artificial preservative.

This isn’t the first menu change the company has enacted in recent years due to consumers’ calls for better food.

Last September it announced that it’ll be transitioning to using cage-free eggs within the next 10 years; it serves organic coffee at its locations in New England; it removed sodium phosphates and maltodextrin from its grilled chicken last year; and it offers Cuties and apple slices as part of its Happy Meals.

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Hopefully the trend will continue. Removing the food additives from McNuggets and their oil may cause more work for the company in the long run, but I think as customers we’re willing to shell out a few extra pennies for fresher, more natural McNuggets. Y’know, so we can justify stopping at the drive-thru the next time the craving strikes.

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