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So what if Mom doesn’t want breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day?

Mothers everywhere truly appreciate the traditional Mother’s Day breakfast in bed made by little hands. But there’s a secret we haven’t been telling: Mamas don’t all want the same treat. And guess what! We also might want to do something other than brunch. Mother’s Day means thinking outside the gift box.

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My family always presents me with a lovely handmade card and requested gift for Mother’s Day. But this year I’d just love a few hours alone at a coffee shop and a caramel cheesecake I don’t have to share.

Celebrating the mamas in your life would be so much easier if there were a ready-made basket of her favorite goodies. If only it was that simple. Every mom is different, but here are the facts: We do want to eat on Mother’s Day. And we don’t want to have to make the food ourselves. Need more ideas? We asked some mothers to dish on what they really want for Mother’s Day this year.

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“I would love a full massage, pedi, mani and then an awesome lunch with margaritas and chiles rellenos, followed by an ice cream sundae and a nap.” — Wynter

“With all of our lives being so incredibly busy, I would love a day without a to-do list, where we have our meals planned out, and we can sit together as a family and simply enjoy each other’s company. I think Mother’s Day in our home is more like ‘family day.'” — Nandita

“Please don’t mess up the kitchen. Just a latte and bagel, toasted twice, with cream cheese and veggies in front of Meet the Press while everyone shuts the hell up would be magic.” — Becky

“Cake. But that’s my answer to everything! — Lara

“Going to a mani-pedi with friends and then brunch. My dear friend said, ‘I just want to be left alone,’ so we’re having adult time.” — Angelica

“As an introvert, the occasion has always been a bit overwhelming for me. So this year I’m asking for one thing: Two hours (or more) of glorious solitude to do with as I please. Maybe I’ll work, or bring sushi home and watch a movie […] or perhaps I’ll just stare at the ceiling and ponder my own thoughts, uninterrupted and unencumbered.” — Dara S.

“I love being a mom but want a break from being a mom on Mom’s Day. I want a clean house, clean laundry, no cooking, a fresh bottle of wine and a pedicure.” — Cortni

“I would like coffee in bed along with the newspaper — maybe after long, lazy, indulgent sex. Dinner out to someplace nice and quick, like a Brazilian steakhouse, where the kids don’t have to wait too long to get their food. Home early enough for a glass of wine and an episode of Walking Dead.” — Dominique

“Sleep in, followed by a hot stone massage at my favorite spa, then dinner with the family.” — Sunny

“We always go see [an] art exhibit of my choice. And a walk through the lilacs at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.” — Karen

what moms want for mother's day
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

A family breakfast or brunch is always nice, but not every mom may want that. Spoil her with her favorite things. You also can’t go wrong if you make her feel good about being her beautiful self. Whether it requires time alone or the entire family doing what Mama wants to do for a change, pampering is another word for love. And so are wine, coffee or a margarita!

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