Everything you want to know about rosé, your new favorite wine

Apr 25, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: MarkSwallow/Getty Images

Guess who's coming to dinner! I can't answer for everyone reading this article, but I can tell you it's pretty darn likely that guest is toting a bottle of blush if they're at all on trend.

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Don't worry, though. This need not be the rosé you bought for a dinner party after graduation that you were convinced was the gourmet version of Strawberry Hill. You know the brand. The first word rhymes with udder and the second word rhymes with chrome? This is a much more sophisticated rosé, and according to sommeliers, it's going to be in even greater demand this season.

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To help you stay on top of this trend, our friends at CreativeFeed, a top digital agency with vast knowledge and experience in wine marketing, got the 411 from some of its top sommeliers, and some of the info it gathered is pretty surprising.

For all the facts, check out the infographic below, but here are a few of our favorite factoids.

  • Only 55 percent of rosé drinkers are women. If you consider the pink stuff a girlie drink, you'd hardly be alone, but almost half of those who indulge are men.
  • There are at least six Instagram accounts dedicated entirely to rosé.
  • Rosé pairs well with pork sausages — we're guessing because its light mouthfeel cuts the greasiness, and its light, fruity taste foils the often brash flavors.
Rose wine Infographic
Image: CreativeFeed