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The Big Mac shake-up we didn’t see coming

According to McDonald’s, fans of the Big Mac have requested different ways to enjoy the iconic sandwich. And so they said, okeydoke, how about big and small? Introducing the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac, two burgers that will complete a family meal for Goldilocks’ three bears.

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The Mac Jr. is a single layer of the original. And the Grand Mac has bigger beef patties — two 1/6-pound patties, to be exact.

Now, don’t fall out of your chair with excitement. I know, this is earth-shattering news. Also, Jr. and Granddaddy aren’t widely available yet. They’re being tested in central Ohio and the Dallas area first.

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While America waits for its big and little macs, could I make a few suggestions for some truly newsworthy tweaks to the Big Mac?

  • Teeny, kawaii-size sliders
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Family-size, as in a full 2 pounds of beef per patty
  • Topped with a poached egg
  • Rainbow bun
  • Deconstructed (Oh what, you never, ever wanted to see that word associated with food ever for the rest of your life?)
  • With Wi-Fi
  • With superfood add-ins like pomegranate and chia seeds
  • Mushed up into a smoothie bowl
  • In the shape of a unicorn
  • Delivered by a unicorn, speared on its horn, dusted with glitter
  • Served in space
  • Magic, and it turns you invisible

See? I should be working for McDonald’s. There are so many much more creative ways we could be enjoying Big Macs besides kind of smaller and kind of bigger.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: staarlife/Instagram

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