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We can’t stop obsessing over these rainbow lattes


SheKnows Editorial

Plain coffee is great, lattes are better, and lattes with art on top? Well, those just set you up for a good day.

But Mason Salisbury of Sambalatte in Las Vegas has done one better, pioneering a technique called free-pour latte art that uses food dye to make rainbow lattes.

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Food dye is added to the steamed milk, and when it’s poured into the latte, magical, multicolored rainbow swirls are created.

Basically it’s a way for baristas to practice making cool latte art — they can track where the different colors go so they have a better idea of how the milk moves when it’s poured.

But more important, it creates rainbow lattes! Like, why isn’t this a thing coffee shops do on purpose to serve up some extra fun with our coffee order? Caffeine is great, but I can’t think of anything that would put a smile on my face in the morning more than treating myself to a fun rainbow latte.

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And now that rainbow bagels and rainbow grilled cheese are a thing, what else are you going to drink with your meal? Monotone beverages just don’t cut it anymore.

Would you drink a rainbow latte? Or are you a coffee purist who shudders at the thought?

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