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Debi Mazar wants to boss you around in the kitchen

One of my favorite things about cooking in the 21st century is being able to bring a laptop or my phone into the kitchen and cooking from that instead of a stained cookbook with a few cans of food holding down the pages. Now all I need is for those electronic recipes to be voice-activated…

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Oh wait — someone’s gone and invented the voice-activated recipe. It’s like a combination of Siri and a cookbook, only instead of Siri, you hear people like actress and Extra Virgin co-host Debi Mazar, and it’s called OK, Soy Vay. The site has about 80 free recipes so far.

You’ll want to try this out on Google Chrome, which will bring up the microphone for you.

I got to talk with Mazar and chef Marc Murphy about this handy little internet tool that could become the future of cooking if only everyone else would jump on board.

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SheKnows: Voice-activated recipes sounds like such a no-brainer. Why didn’t we have this before?

Marc Murphy: Absolutely, why wasn’t it here before? It took Soy Vay to figure it out and put it on their website.

Basically what happens is, you don’t have to touch your computer anymore to help you walk through a recipe. You say “next,” and it gives you the next step, or it gives you the next ingredient, depending on what part of the recipe you’re in.

And even more fun is it’s our voices in some of the recipes. Some of my recipes, I voice them — 

Debi Mazar: Yeah, we’re in the kitchen with you.

MM: We’re right there next to you, walking you through it, every step of the way. You can yell at us too, I guess. We won’t hear you, but…

SK: What was this inspired by?

DM: I think it was people who are busy multitasking. You know, you’re pouring a glass of wine, your kid is doing homework, or the phone is ringing, or you’re texting, or you just don’t know how to cook, and you want to make something new, you want to be inspired. This is a great way to have some recipes right in front of you and have someone navigate your way through it. And you turn out a delicious meal in less than 20 minutes.

My 10-year-old also can get inspired. The kids find it inspiring. Maybe it teaches your teenager how to cook… There’s a lot of different types of people who can use this.

MM: If people are going to try it, we want to know about it. You gotta tweet us or social media us, because I want to see the finished product, and I want to hear how you like it.

SK: So if you get interrupted, you can stop the recipe?

DM: You say “pause.” It’s very obedient.

MM: It’s dummy-proof. Kids could use these recipes. It’s so simple.

Now readers, I know what you’re thinking: Is it on mobile? No, not yet. Soy Vay is seeing how it works online, and then maybe they’ll think about bringing it to mobile. But what’s stopping the rest of the world? Wouldn’t you love it if everyone started doing this (like SheKnows even) and it were all on mobile? Someone go make that, please.

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