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Rainbow toasties make grilled cheese even more magical

Some snacks just shouldn’t be messed with, and that list includes cheese toasties. Until now, that is. Because who wouldn’t love to sink their teeth into a rainbow toastie, even if just to find out for yourself exactly what red, blue, yellow and green melted cheese tastes like?

Orange cheese is old news, people.

The multi-colored toastie, also known as a unicorn toastie (squee!), has come into our lives, courtesy of Instagrammer hkfoodiexblogger. The rainbow toasties are from Hong Kong café Kala Toast and cost $42 HKD (around $5 USD). Each color of cheese has a different flavor: blue is lavender; green is basil; red is tomato; and yellow is a combination of mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental and Gruyère.

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Most of us probably won’t experience the delights of a rainbow toastie any time soon, but luckily hkfoodiexblogger has provided a handy review:

The toast was crispy but I reckon both the flavour of the lavender and tomato were subtle. The basil flavour was the most outstanding one comparatively but the cheese flavour still was not as strong as my expectation. It was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality Rather Average But We All CAN Not deny that IT IS photogenic. [sic]

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It certainly is.
They might look better than they taste, but since when has that stopped anything going viral?
Unicorn toasties are about to take over your Instagram.

Do we need any more proof that everything is so much better when it’s rainbow-colored?

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