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15 Add-Ins for Next-Level Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, chocolate chip cookies for lunch, chocolate chip cookies as a midafternoon snack — basically, give us all the chocolate chip cookies. But what do you do when you start to get a little bored of the best dessert of all time? You zhush up those little spheres of wonder with some extra ingredients.

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Using your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough as a base, you can create a variety of drool-worthy combinations by adding as many or as few of these add-ins as you want. We can’t officially recommend you add them as you taste the raw dough (salmonella and all that), but maybe you should bake as many batches as it takes to get the flavor exactly the way you want it anyway.

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chocolate chip cookie mix-ins
Image: Therese Condella/SheKnows

Originally published April 2016. Updated May 2017.

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