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The first Whole Foods 365 market is opening soon, and we have details

We are less than two short months away from the grand opening of the first Whole Foods 365 location in the neighborhood of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, California. It’s set to open on May 25, 2016, and we East Coasters are extremely jealous.

For those of you who don’t live on the East Coast, lucky you. Whole Foods 365’s next round of expected locations are going to be Houston, Texas; Bellevue, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Santa Monica, California. The grand opening dates have not yet been released.

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These millennial-targeted grocery stores have been created for those of us who want Whole Foods-quality food at non-whole-paycheck prices. Whole Foods 365 president Jeff Turnas said in a statement that these specific locations have been chosen due to the “high demand for both quality of food and value in a convenient format.”

Whole Foods 365 is not your typical grocery store. There will be new and exciting attractions in each store to make your shopping experience that much more inviting. Turnas added that the company has really “dedicated [them]selves to partnering with like-minded companies that are doing new and interesting things in a respective field to bring a truly unique shopping experience…”

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What are these like-minded companies?

  • One of New York’s favorite Vegan spots, CHLOE, known for its plant-based burgers and its delicious cupcakes.
  • A coffee bar by Allegro Coffee Company.
  • A self-serve tea kiosk by teaBOT, because what is a shopping experience without a coffee break or some delicious self-serve tea?

This is going to be a commonality among all of the stores. Although the individual attractions are not going to be the same, the goal is to have unique additions in the store to live up to the unique shopping experience Turnas describes.

These new affordable stores might help Whole Foods in the competition to gravitate customers to its normally pricey chain. An expected 10 stores should be opening by 2017. The rest of us can do nothing but wait in anticipation to find out if one of those stores will be a store opening near us.

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