Cheap burrito and beer deals you must enjoy today

Whoa. Guys. Today is both National Burrito Day and National Beer Day. What is even happening? Did they do that on purpose? What should we do?

I think we all know what we should do. Go get it. The burritos and the beer. Together. Here are the national-ish chains with burrito deals and those with beer specials. Sadly no national chains had the presence of mind to do a burrito with beer special. Maybe next year.

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Blue Coast

Buy one burrito, get another burrito (of equal or lesser value) for free at this chain in the South.


Our beleaguered favorite is not running a burrito special for today, but you might want to dig through your recycling to see if you still have one of those free meal vouchers they mailed out recently.

Del Taco

Buy a Chorizo Epic Scrambler, and get a free iced coffee if you’re a Del Taco E-club member. Between us, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to consider this a Burrito Day special. But technically there is a burrito involved, so I guess.


Get $1 off Rubio’s Burrito Especial with its online coupon. That’s a chicken burrito, folks, with handmade guacamole, citrus rice, black beans, lettuce, salsa and chipotle sauce.

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As for the beer, check out your local breweries for special deals. Here’s what’s happening nationally.


From 3 – 6 p.m. and then after 9 p.m., the chain is offering half-off drink specials and tall domestic beers for $3.25.


You can order a large draft beer for $3.50 during happy hour, 4 – 7 p.m.


Domestic draft beers start at $2 and craft draft beers at $3 during happy hour. Check your local restaurants to find hours.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Domestic draft beers for $3 and craft beers starting at $4 during their happy hour, which runs 2 – 7 p.m.

Also there’s this:

We wish you a happy Friday Eve. Now go out and enjoy your beer and burritos.

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