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Kit Kat Japan introduces new seafood flavors


SheKnows Editorial

Japan is known for its fish-loving population (sushi, anyone?), but are seafood-flavored Kit Kat bars taking things too far?

Nestlé Japan is releasing four new Kit Kat flavors, including clam, salmon, squid and prawn.

Now, Kit Kat Japan has a lot of interesting flavors that are truly delicious — I’ve been known to grab a pack or two (or 10) of its green tea Kit Kats whenever I hit up my local Japanese grocery store. But squid?

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I can kind of understand how a seafood-flavored wafer might work, but once it’s covered in chocolate, all bets are off. And the new snacks will apparently have actual bits of fish and seafood in them for added flavor. (Shudder!)

I don’t know. Salted caramel is about as adventurous as I get when it comes to my desserts, and though I am a fan of sweet-and-savory pairings, fishy salmon and smooth milk chocolate just seems like a disastrous combo to me.

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But some people are pretty excited, including one Kit Kat superfan who told the Tokyo Weekender, “I have an entire wall in my apartment that I’ve turned into a giant Kit Kat display case. There’s no way I’m missing the chance to eat a squid Kit Kat!”

More for him, I guess?

Or… maybe not. After all, today is April 1 — and I’m pretty sure I just got fooled!

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