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Burger King’s spicy new Angriest Whopper kind of scares me


SheKnows Editorial

Burger King is launching a new burger at the end of March, and to be honest, this one looks like it has a little something special.

The chain has been shilling novelty buns in Japan for years, but now spice lovers in the USA have a chance to take a bite out of the bright red, hot sauce-flavored bun of its new Angriest Whopper sandwich.

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The burger is made with bacon, jalapeños, crispy onion petals and “spicy angry sauce,” all nestled on top of a red, hot sauce-infused bun.

Honestly, finally getting the chance to try a novelty bun excites me (BK did have a black A.1-flavored bun during Halloween, but that was a little too gnarly to entice me), but the burger sounds… actually spicy? Usually fast-food items that claim to be spicy are anything but, but with the triple threat of jalapeño, angry sauce and red bun, the Angriest Whopper may stand a fighting chance against spice lovers’ favorite foods. I’m kind of scared to try it, to be totally honest.

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Add bacon, beef and crispy onion to all that spice, and you have a burger that could pack a pretty powerful flavor punch. Pro tip: This is probably not something you want to eat within 24 hours of going out on a date.

The Angriest Whopper will be available at Burger King locations in the U.S. for a limited time starting March 31. Get your antacids ready, folks.

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