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Unicorn Kisses seltzer is real — don’t believe us, just watch


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Polar Seltzer has unleashed a new flavor of its sparkling beverage upon the world, and it just may take the place of my previous favorite, cranberry-lime. After all, how could Unicorn Kisses be anything but the greatest flavor of all time?

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So what inspired the Unicorn Kisses flavor? The company’s website posted a story about the origin of its seltzer. Allegedly a unicorn used its magic to turn the company founder’s water into bubbly, fizzy seltzer after the man helped cheer up the unicorn, and thus, seltzer was born. With that whimsical story in mind, its new flavor makes a lot of sense.

Of course, the story is being told in conjunction with an announcement that the company’s new, unicorn-inspired logo will be made official on April 1, but lest ye think Unicorn Kisses seltzer is a prank, fear not — the people of Twitter have proved it exists IRL.

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Polar Seltzer is sold throughout New England, and the new flavor is allegedly available in New York too.

One Twitter user even shared a list of stores in the Boston area that the company has said carry the new flavor.

So what does it taste like? According to one Instagram user, “kinda like a tropical jolly rancher vibe. maybe a little like those wax candy bottles with the sugar juice inside,” while another claims it tastes “kind of like sweet tarts.” Basically Unicorn Kisses tastes like candy… just as I suspected!

The Unicorn Kisses flavor will be available for a limited time, so if you live in the Northeast, keep an eye out.

For the rest of us, there’s always eBay, where bottles of the flavor are going for anywhere between $14 and $119. I just bought one.

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