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Americans declare their favorite Mexican and pizza chains

Well, well, Americans. I guess not even norovirus or E. coli will keep you away from your cilantro rice. A consumer study by Market Force Information found our favorite quick-service restaurants in four categories: Mexican, pizza, chicken and sandwiches (as reported in And I’m going to jump ahead to the OMG part to reveal that good-guy-turned-bad Chipotle is a close second behind Taco Bueno in the Mexican category.

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It was close, and Taco Bueno edged out Chipotle only because it was voted the best value for the money. Chipotle tied for first with Rubio’s Fresh in food quality, and I’m going to say that again, because it sounds bananas. Chipotle. First. In food quality.

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I don’t know if this was before or after all the food poisoning scandals. Probably during. But it just goes to show how much people’s adoration of Chipotle’s flavors eclipses their fears of food poisoning. Or not. Maybe we love looking back fondly at our Chipotle memories but are still afraid to step foot inside a restaurant, considering how empty those stores have been lately. Our love for Chipotle is theoretical.

Anyhoo, perhaps you’re curious about what the top restaurants are in the other categories? Papa Murphy’s is our favorite pizza place. Chick-fil-A is No. 1 in chicken. And McAlister’s Deli tops the sandwich list. Check out Restaurant News to see where your personal favorites fit in on the lists.

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