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Hey, aspirational snacker — you can make your own cheese puffs at home


SheKnows Editorial

You know there’s a bunch of crazy ingredients in your favorite cheese puffs. So what if you could make them at home?

Chef Josh Elkin figured out how to do just that for people who are concerned about what goes into their junk food. The recipe is, well, kind of elaborate — you have to make a pâte à choux, add cheese and then bake at a few different temps before the snack is ready. Which honestly makes the cheese balls that come in a plastic container shaped like a barrel seem like a pretty good idea right about now, and there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your store-bought cheese puffs while watching a video about how their more sophisticated counterparts get made, now is there?

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So pass the box of wine, grab a handful of cheese puffs, and get ready to “let’s not and say we did” this glorious video of fancy cheese puffs getting made. At least you know that when you are feeling particularly virtuous, there’s an alternative to the big orange bucket in the cupboard.

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