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We tried savory yogurt, and it kind of blew our minds

You know how flavored yogurt has so much sugar it might as well be dessert? Most have around 15 grams of sugar per serving, but others have more, and I’m starting to see yogurt snacks that come with cookie crumb and chocolate chip toppings. Like I said, dessert.

Well, there’s a perfectly reasonable solution, and it is… savory yogurt snacks.

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Am I totally blowing your mind? Savory. As in, not sweet. Maybe even spicy. It’s happening out there in the world, my friends, and I happen to love it. But I thought I’d run a few samples by my colleagues to see if it would appeal to non-food editor type people.

The folks at The Chaat Company were kind enough to bring us samples of its savory yogurt snacks. The company produces three flavors: cucumber mint, mango chili and tamarind date. (The last one is a tad sweet because of the dates.) Each comes with a crunchy topping, but instead of sprinkles and marshmallows, it’s light lentil puffs.

Deputy editor Melissa K., photo editor Tiffany, office manager Delinda, intern Stephanie, marketing specialist Davida, video producers Reshma and Melissa H. and VP Deborah all had a taste of these savory yogurt snacks, and this is what they thought.

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Image: The Chaat Company

Mango chili

“I don’t know how to snack on a savory dairy product! There’s too much of a leap. It doesn’t fit neatly into my snack experience. I love the consistency of the yogurt, though.” — Melissa K.

“It tastes like spicy beer.” — Tiffany

“They’re different, but I feel like I can sit down and eat this comfortably.” — Stephanie

“It’s not gross! It’s got hidden heat that releases itself slowly, and then the yogurt has a soothing effect.” — Davida

“I would buy this. Absolutely. It has a balance of sweet and heat. That chili… It’s like ‘pow!’ at the end.” — Delinda

“The words ‘savory’ and ‘yogurt’ make me happy. This is delicious. It has a new and refreshing flavor.” — Deb

Cucumber mint

“This is good, but it belongs on a gyro. Like, someone, put falafel in my yogurt.” — Tiffany

“Good if you like herring. It’s like herring sauce without the herring.” — Davida

Tamarind date

“This is good because it tastes sweet.” — Melissa H.

“I like it, but I would like it more if it had cinnamon in it.” — Tiffany

“This is my favorite. It’s sweet, but not jab-jab sweet. It’s smooth and velvety. Seems to make the most sense if you’re trying to convert from sweet to savory yogurt. It’s better without the crunchies, though.” — Davida

Lentil puffs

“I don’t want these balls.” — Reshma

“More crunchy things!” — Stephanie

“The texture is Cheerios-ish.” — Davida

“So good.” — Delinda

“It gets a tapioca-like texture in the yogurt. It’s distracting. I like the crunchy texture if it stays on top, though.” — Deb

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So there you go. Curious about how you can try some yourself? Chaat yogurt snacks are available at Whole Foods and other stores in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. But if that’s nowhere near you, try making your own using plain, whole-milk yogurt.

Cucumber mint: Mince cucumbers, and slice mint leaves into ribbons.

Mango chili: Mash soft, ripe mangoes, and add a dash or two of dried chili powder.

Tamarind date: Stir in tamarind sauce (available in the Indian section of most grocery stores) and finely chopped dates.

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