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Hack your onions literally and figuratively with this handy trick


SheKnows Editorial

Cutting an onion can honestly be kind of a pain. They have a way of rolling and slipping around the cutting board, which can result in dangerous knife slips, and they start falling apart as soon as you cut into them.

Fortunately someone has come up with an inexpensive, effective solution — use a hair pick!

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Basically you pierce the top of an onion with the long, metal tines of a clean hair pick (preferably new), and the pick holds the onion together and guides your knife as you make uniform slices.

It’s a clever hack that can be used on other produce too. I bet it’s especially helpful with those that tend to slip, like tomatoes. But even with something like a block of cheese or a baguette, this trick could help you keep all your slices uniform and Instagram perfect.

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Now someone explain to me why a genius food hacker would cut their sandwich in half horizontally (see 2:24 in the video), because hack aside, that’s all I can now think about.

By the way, Pampered Chef sells a similarly shaped item (with sharper tines) for less than $10. Not terrible, but a metal hair pick goes for $4 on Amazon — probably less at your local drugstore.

Pampered Chef onion slicer
Image: Julie Ryan Evans/SheKnows

Either way, you’ll never have to worry about your onions falling apart on you again, which will make prepping tasty and nutritious meals that much easier.

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