How to eat like Chrissy Teigen

Mar 23, 2016 at 2:55 p.m. ET
Image: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen, beloved supermodel and all-around awesome-seeming human, recently came out with a cookbook, Cravings. But not all of her favorite foods are made in her kitchen. Last night she took to Twitter to reveal her top list, and she proved once again that she is totally relatable.

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How many of these Chrissy picks are on your favorite foods list too?

  1. IHOP hash browns (TBH, their pancakes are dope too.)
  2. Steak burrito and a horchata at Cactus burrito in LA
  3. Claim Jumper's chocolate cake in a shoe box (I don't know what this is, but I now feel utterly compelled to find out.)
  4. Marie Callender's sour cream blueberry pie (Chrissy and my dad have identical taste in pies — who knew?)
  5. Ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus
  6. Crack pie, corn cookies and cereal milk from Milk Bar in NYC
  7. Hidden Valley Ranch, from the seasoning packet (This is legit — Hidden Valley is the ranch to beat all ranches.)
  8. Carl's Jr. waffle fries
  9. Broccoli-cheddar soup in a bread bowl at Panera (If she can eat creamy soup in a bread bowl and still look that good, I guess I have nothing to lose.)
  10. Steak fries with ranch at Red Robin, which wins her coveted Ranch Seal of Approval
  11. KFC's new hot chicken
  12. Ranch Doritos Locos tacos from Taco Bell (So Chrissy and I are basically food twins, it turns out.)
  13. 100-layer lasagna at Del Posto in NYC (I wish I was fancy enough to have that be one of my favorite foods! Does it count if I just stack a few portions of my regular lasagna really tall and eat that?)
  14. Kale salad at Il Buco in NYC (Ha! Kale salad, I knew you'd rear your head somewhere here.)
  15. Two tacos at Jack in the Box (How can someone who loves Doritos Locos tacos even put up with the nonsense that is a Jack in the Box taco?)
  16. Vegan ramen from Ramen Hood, pork ramen at Jinya and ramen from Tatsu, all in LA (Ramen is a gift from above — I think we can all agree on that.)

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You can check out all her faves over on her Twitter, but I gotta say, I'm impressed. Sometimes stars act one way on TV and another way in person or via social media, but Chrissy seems really authentic and like someone I'd actually want to hang out with. She loves haute cuisine and fine dining, but she'll also go to town on tacos, pie and steak fries — who could ask for more in a dining companion?

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