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This Gilmore Girls cookbook is going to make fans so happy

Gather ’round, Gilmore Girls fans, because you can now cook like Sookie St. James and eat like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Cook, baker and caterer Kristi Carlson has come up with a Gilmore Girls-inspired cookbook titled Eat Like a Gilmore.

She describes the cookbook as follows on her Kickstarter campaign page: “Finally! A cookbook for people who truly ‘get’ the Gilmore way of life — a collection of recipes inspired by the chefs of Stars Hollow.” The book will consist of three different collections: “foods from a small-town diner,” “foods served at fancy Friday Night Dinners” and “foods served at charming, eclectic, independent inns.”

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As a huge GG fan myself, I know how those three categories made up a huge part of the beloved series, which focused quite a bit on food. Who didn’t ever wish to taste Sookie’s delicacies, try Luke’s diner food, eat with Richard and Emily Gilmore and nosh all kinds of junk food with Lorelai and Rory?

Thanks to Carlson, our wishes just might come true. However, she needs help with funding, which is why she created a Kickstarter.

“With a goal of $20,000, this is a ‘break even’ scenario, paying for ingredients, photography, editing, printing, shipping, postage, Kickstarter fees and a myriad of other expenses,” she explains on her campaign page. “If we raise more — you’ll get more: a bigger book with more tasty recipes!”

Sookie St. James
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Who doesn’t want that? Carlson even goes as far as to call food a major character in the world of Stars Hollow, and I certainly agree with her. “It’s a character which has always caught and held my interest — with good reason!” she writes. “Whose imagination wouldn’t be captured by the mention of a s’mores wedding cake or pumpkin pancakes served with apple butter, or peach sauce made with maple syrup or a sausage wrapped in a pancake, tied with a piece of bacon?”

You can read more about her cookbook on her official fundraising page. With that, let’s discuss the reasons this news is so exciting for Gilmore Girls fans.

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1. You can now enjoy a Sookie-like creation

Sookie was an amazing chef and always made sure all her dishes were beyond perfect. Every time she cooked at either the Independence Inn or the Dragonfly Inn, did your mouth water like mine? Can you imagine being able to cook a dish resembling Sookie’s? Dream. Come. True.

2. It’s like you’re having movie night with Rory and Lorelai

Movie night was a huge deal for Rory and Lorelai. Not only did they watch classics, but they always had the best spread of junk food. Carlson’s cookbook will probably have fancier versions of their favorite foods, but I’m sure they will still be delicious.

3. Luke’s diner basically comes to life

If you ever craved Luke’s diner food (mainly breakfast and his coffee), then this is probably as close as you’ll get. It’s about time, right?

4. It’s like you’re at Friday Night Dinner

Every Friday night, Richard and Emily Gilmore hosted dinner for Lorelai and Rory. Their dinners and desserts were never not fancy or elaborate, so here’s your opportunity to try them out.

Rory Gilmore
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5. You’ll be able to host a Gilmore Girls-themed dinner

Did you ever want to host a Gilmore Girls-themed dinner party? You can’t have a dinner party without food, so this cookbook would definitely bring it to life.

6. You’ll finally get to experience food like a true Gilmore

Lorelai and Rory were all about food, so to be able to indulge in creations inspired by them is truly a beautiful thing.

7. It’ll bring you even closer to the beloved series

How can you go wrong with that? Food really is the way to someone’s heart.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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