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People are lighting Nutella on fire, and it’s freaking us out (VIDEO)


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Usually I’m too busy eating food to think of strange new ways to utilize it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone, as these viral videos of people lighting their food on fire show.

In this video, vlogger CrazyRussianHacker uses Nutella to make a fire starter. Um, I’m pretty sure wasting Nutella like this is a crime against my taste buds, but OK.

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This lemon fire starter hack by vlogger NorthSurvival is equally puzzling.

What’s really confusing is trying to figure out what situation you would be in where you need to use food to start a fire.

If you’re stranded in the woods somewhere, what are the odds you’ll conveniently have a tub of Nutella with you? Although considering how obsessed people get with Nutella, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a few of you have a travel-size container tucked away somewhere in your purse. But for most of us, it seems unlikely.

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And even if that were the case, would you also have potassium permanganate and matches? And wouldn’t you want to save the Nutella for, I don’t know, eating? As you can tell, I am completely baffled as to why someone decided to light their precious Nutella on fire instead of, say, spread it on toast. What a world!

The lemon hack is equally puzzling. You need a lemon, copper tacks, nails, steel wool and wire. It’s cool that you can use those to start a match-free fire, but again, in what scenario would all of that be available to you but you not have any matches or lighters lying around, just fresh citrus and a bunch of metal?

You want my survival hack? Make sure you always have a waterproof pack of matches and maybe some Vaseline-soaked cotton balls in a kit somewhere around the house or in your car, then use your lemon and Nutella to make a snack. Boom! Feeding yourself — the ultimate life hack.

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