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Disturbing Kellogg factory video: What you need to know


SheKnows Editorial

An awful video of a worker at Kellogg has gone viral. Should we be worried about our breakfast?

In case you’ve been fortunate enough to miss it, the video shows a factory worker urinating on a Kellogg factory assembly line in a facility that produced Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters and other puffed rice products that are no longer sold.

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Though the video has only recently surfaced, Kellogg did some digging and found that it was taken back in 2014 at its factory in Memphis, Tennessee.

In a statement to Associated Press, Kellogg said that since the video was taken a while back, the chances of anyone eating products possibly contaminated by the man in it are slim. If any of those products are still around (for anyone whose pantry is maybe a bit overstocked), they are past their expiration dates by now. You should throw them out.

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Kellogg still doesn’t know who took the video but is working with law enforcement to identify people involved and further investigate the situation.

“We are outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law,” the company told AP.

Luckily it seems that any products affected by the lewd worker are out of the supply chain by this point, but the whole situation is still disturbing. Fortunately Kellogg is taking it seriously and showing that it isn’t going to cover up any misdeeds at its facilities and will work to pursue the truth instead.

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