Lasagna-stuffed onion rings: You have to see this monster food mashup

I used to think that beer batter was about as extreme as onion rings can get, but after seeing this recipe, I’m a changed woman.

Onion rings are great on their own, something I’ll pay an extra buck or two for to upgrade from fries at lunch.

But mad food scientist and Instagram hero Tym Bussanich has come up with something way more exciting than plain onion rings. Lasagna-stuffed onion rings, people. Welcome to 2016.

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The key to getting the perfect lasagna-stuffed onion rings is in the technique.

The onion rings are cut extra thick so they can be stuffed with your tasty lasagna ingredients without falling apart.

The rings are then battered and breaded, then thrown into a deep fryer until ultra crispy and golden brown.

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Cut one open, and inside you’ll see the holy grail of all junk foods — tons of stretchy, melty cheese with a good dose of meaty tomato sauce for good measure.

French fries have got nothing on this.

And sorry, honey-mustard, ranch and ketchup — I think we can all agree that when it comes to onion rings, stuffed is better than dipped any day of the week.

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