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Aquafaba: 15 things you need to know about the vegan egg replacement

Aquafaba is gaining popularity as a replacement for eggs in a variety of dishes and is very popular among vegans and those with certain food allergies. And with only about five calories per tablespoon and zero fat, you wouldn’t be alone in being curious about this new food trend, no matter who you are.

1. It’s something a lot of people throw away

That liquid you’ve been draining from your beans (most commonly chickpeas) — that’s aquafaba.

2. You can make it yourself

It’s the cooking liquid from beans, so anytime you’re making beans, you’re also making aquafaba.

3. It’s versatile

Aquafaba can be used as a thickener, binder, emulsifier and more.

4. They don’t really know exactly why it works

The Norwegian Food Research Institute has studied it, but more research is needed to find out why it works its magic.

5. It’s a godsend for people with food allergies

It’s not just for vegans. Aquafaba is so versatile it has the potential to allow people with certain allergies to enjoy many things the rest of us take for granted.

6. You can use it to make meringue

You can whip it just like egg whites (with sweeteners and stabilizers) to create a foam that can be turned into meringue for a pie or baked meringues.

7. It makes excellent chocolate mousse

It’s just as smooth and fluffy as the original, but the aquafaba doesn’t necessarily make a mousse easier.

8. It makes a softer, less rich buttercream

Aquafaba buttercream has a beautiful texture, and the lack of butter in the recipe allows you greater flexibility when flavoring it.

9. It sure beats fake mayo

The problem with many traditional vegan mayos is that they don’t taste like mayo. But if that’s the flavor you crave, it’s aquafaba to the rescue!

10. Substituting it for eggs is easy

You just reduce it until it’s the consistency of egg whites, and then it’s about 3 tablespoons for one egg.

11. It’s your secret weapon for moist baked goods

Aquafaba makes a moister cake than eggs do, so if you’re not happy with the texture, try aquafaba instead of a different recipe. Just note that it won’t work in angel food cake.

12. You can also make butter with it

Not only is it tasty, but many people swear by aquafaba butter for making pie crust.

13. It lasts a while

In the fridge, it will usually last about as long as a carton of eggs does. But you can also freeze it.

14. You can dehydrate it

Dehydrated aquafaba lasts a lot longer than the liquid counterpart.

15. It has its own Facebook page

The community is very active and constantly posting info about their experimentations with aquafaba.

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