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Kraft pulled a fast one on us, and we didn’t even notice

What if I told you Kraft made a major change to its mac and cheese recipe and no one even noticed? Welcome to the Mac and Cheese Matrix. I’m about to turn your world inside out.

OK, I’m exaggerating just a tad. But this morning Kraft announced that it made major changes to its mac and cheese recipe, sold 50 million boxes of the stuff and heard nary a peep from eaters about it. Life went on, same as usual.

So what exactly did they change?

Kraft knows we live busy lives and have better things to do than track what food companies are up to, so we probably forgot all about that time last April when the company announced it was removing artificial colors and preservatives from its mac and cheese. Well, it followed through, swapping in turmeric for the coloring.

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And they put it out there, and y’all have been eating turmeric-tinted mac and cheese all this time! What do you think of that? Pretty OK, right?

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Of course, mac and cheese is one of those kinds of foods you inhale while Snapchatting your friends, so it’s not like people are delicately slurping it so as to fully appreciate the full bloom of its flavors. But still, it’s good to know that you can cut the crap out of one of our favorite foods and it’ll taste pretty much the same. This should give other companies the confidence to make similar changes, which is even better for us.

So tell us, have you been eating Kraft mac and cheese all this time, and did you notice any changes?

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