13 Clever Deviled Egg Recipes That Make Great Easter Appetizers

Serving deviled eggs at Easter is practically a given. Whether you decorate with them or not, eggs are a classic Easter food. And, while plain old deviled eggs are tasty enough already, why not add a clever deviled egg recipes (or two) to your Easter appetizer spread. The great thing about next-level deviled egg recipes is that most don’t stray far from the original recipe as far as process goes. It’s still a matter of boiling eggs, peeling and cutting them, then mixing the yolks with various other ingredients and piping that mixture back into the whites. No matter which add-ins you choose, the steps are pretty much the same. So, there’s no excuse not to shake things up this year with a new-to-you version of the classic party recipe. Below are 13 clever deviled eggs that stray just far enough from the norm to be interesting, without going too far. Choose one, or get ambitious and serve a spread!

Image: Mindee’s Cooking Obsession.

‘Secret ingredient’ deviled eggs

You’ll have to read the recipe to find out what the secret ingredient is in these classic deviled eggs, but I’ll tell you it’s something you likely already have in the fridge.

Image: Thanksgiving.com.

Spinach-artichoke deviled eggs

Skip dip, and go all-in on these spinach-artichoke deviled eggs as your Easter appetizer of choice.

Image: Real Housemoms.

Bacon-jalapeño deviled eggs

If your’e looking for something that’s smoky but spicy, these bacon-jalapeño deviled eggs deliver on both counts.

Image: Simply Recipes.

Buffalo bleu cheese deviled eggs

You don’t need chicken wings in order to enjoy the Buffalo-bleu cheese combo!

Image: 4 Sons R Us.

Cajun-style fried deviled eggs

Crispy fried deviled eggs? Yes, please.

Image: Southernly Splendid.

Colored deviled eggs

These dyed deviled eggs might taste like regular ones, but they’re all dressed up for Easter.

Image: Keto Diet App.

Everything bagel deviled eggs

Everything bagel spice belongs on, well, everything. Including deviled eggs.

Image: The Toasted Pine Nut.

Beet-pickled avocado deviled eggs

These gorgeous beet-pickled deviled eggs are filled with a creamy mixture of avocado and yolk.

Image: Family Spice.

Avocado-wasabi spider deviled eggs

Whether or not you “spider” these spicy deviled eggs is up to you, but know that it’s pretty simple.

Image: Homemade Interest.

Shrimp cocktail deviled eggs

Serve shrimp-topped deviled eggs and you’ll knock out two appetizers with one stone.

Image: Noshing With the Nolands.

Turmeric-dyed curry deviled eggs

Go monochrome with these turmeric-dyed eggs, filled with a curry-spiked yolk mixture.

Image: SkinnyTaste.

Instant Pot deviled eggs

You know what tastes just like a regular deviled egg, but is so much better? An Instant Pot deviled egg.


Image: Wholesome Yum.

Bacon-avocado deviled eggs

Double up on deliciousness with these creamy, crunchy bacon-avocado deviled eggs.


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