Taco Bell Crunchwrap Cheeto Sliders are here

We finally live in a world where two of our favorite foods have been meshed into one: Taco Bell Crunchwrap Sliders and Cheetos. Yes, you heard that correctly — Crunchwrap Sliders with Cheetos — and they come in three delicious flavors: beefy cheddar (yum!), spicy chicken and supreme.

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Recently, Taco Bell added their Crunchwrap Cheeto-stuffed Sliders to several stores across the country. What a blessing! It’ll be available for a limited time nationwide, so keep your eyes peeled.

These miniature sliders not only include the original Crunchwrap signature ingredients — they will be stuffed with jalapeño Cheetos for a delicious and appealing twist. Veronica Castillo, the head of marketing for Taco Bell Canada, explained that the Crunchwraps “have been a best-selling menu item.” So what do you do with a best-selling menu item? You make it even better by adding Cheetos.

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Let’s be honest. Anything with Cheetos is good. Just picture it now: the warmth of Taco Bell’s delicious signature ground beef and melted cheese, with a satisfying kick of jalapeño Cheetos — it’s paradise in one bite!