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Eatable News: Gordon Ramsay offends vegans, the end of K-Cups and more


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At SheKnows Food, we spend a lot of time reading about — you guessed it — food (and drinks too!). And we’ve come across some stories that are too good to not share. Here are the food items from the week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Gordon Ramsay is “allergic to vegans,” literally everyone else is allergic to Gordon Ramsay

Good old Gordon Ramsay is at it again, and this time, he’s going after vegans. Recently someone asked him via Twitter if he had any allergies, and he responded, “Vegans.” Naturally a lot of vegans were upset — not because of what he said, exactly, but because it’s a pity that someone with such a lazy sense of humor has a platform to spew boring nonsense all the livelong day.

As one disaffected Twitter user replied, “Saying you hate vegans is like saying you hate Coldplay, like yeah we get it you’re ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’.” And to be honest, at this point I feel like the edgiest position of all would be to actually like Gordon Ramsay, because — spoiler alert — no one else does. — Eater

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2. This woman totally lucked out when she found a pearl in her dinner

Lindsay Hasz and her husband, Christopher, are busy parents and don’t often go out. So imagine their surprise when, while dining at Montalcino Ristorante Italiano, Lindsay bit down on a rare purple Quahog pearl in her frutti di mare. They took the pearl to get appraised, and it turns out it’s worth $600 — definitely more than enough to cover the cost of dinner plus babysitting!

It’s not every day that a busy mom gets to go out to a fancy dinner and catches some pricey jewelry to boot. And though I admit I’m a little jealous of her find, I’m glad that someone deserving got a literal taste of good luck. — ABC News

3. This dude decided to change his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger

The weirdest thing about U.K. resident Simon Smith’s decision to change his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger isn’t that he thought it up while drunk. It’s that he thought it up while drunk, sent in the papers for the name change… and then made it official by signing the completed documents, sober, when they were sent back to him two weeks later.

The man formerly known as Simon Smith says he has no regrets about the situation, even though his fiancée is less than excited to change her name to “Mrs. Cheeseburger.” She might change her tune when she hears this news: Burger King has offered to let Bacon Double design his own burger, which the chain will distribute to guests at their wedding. After all, isn’t a Burger King-catered wedding just what every girl dreams of? — The Daily Star

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4. The beginning of the end of K-Cups?

K-Cups may make brewing coffee in the morning a lot easier, but as any rational thinker can probably deduce, the millions of nonrecyclable plastic coffee pods they produce are pretty awful for the environment. In Hamburg, Germany, the problem has gotten so bad that state-run offices and buildings are now banned from using single-use coffee pods.

Pod machines, from Keurig to Nespresso, are getting more and more popular in the U.S., but their downfall could be swiftly arriving. It’s their very popularity — 25 percent of ground coffee sales in the U.S. are coffee pods — that could lead to their ban, as the more they’re used, the more nonrecyclable plastic they produce. Keurig has plans to make all of its pods recyclable by 2020, but by then, it might just be too late. — Delish

5. This little boy is basically every food blogger

If you’ve ever composed the perfect plate, snapped a pic for Instagram and still couldn’t bring yourself to take the first bite, you’ll totally relate to this kid. His parent arranged his food in the shape of a smiley face, and, well, it’s just too cute to eat! Do we have a future food ‘grammer in the making? — YouTube
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