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Japan’s new boozy chocolates combine our two favorite vices


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Because eating chocolate isn’t decadent enough on its own, Japan candy maker Morinaga is infusing its Koeda chocolates with alcohol in a thrilling new “Premium Range.”

The adult-only sweets contain 3.1 percent alcohol, slightly less than your average light beer (3.9 percent). So how many of them would you actually have to eat to feel a buzz?

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The whiskey and orange peel-flavored chocolate sticks come nine to a box, and the box appears to be only slightly larger than a Kit Kat. So eating a serving is almost like drinking a whole beer. Still, chances are you’d have to eat them all in rapid succession before you felt anything approaching a buzz.

How does this compare with trying to get messed up on those liquor-filled chocolates we see around the holidays?

Well, a reporter for Vice had to eat 45 liquor-filled chocolates to get her blood alcohol level up to 0.05, and though she did report that she felt like she’d had a couple of drinks, the whole experience was so miserable, she doesn’t recommend it.

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Another reporter only made it through 12 Kahlúa-filled chocolates with a 4 percent ABV before feeling too sick to continue, though they did report feeling a slight buzz — from the sugar or the alcohol, though, they couldn’t tell.

So if eating 12 Kahlúa-filled chocolates with a 4 percent ABV couldn’t get someone drunk, then eating all nine chocolates that come in a pack of Koeda with a 3.1 percent ABV probably won’t do the trick either. You might start to feel a little flushed, the same way you possibly would after having a single drink, but the sugar and fat in the chocolate itself seem to prevent one from getting truly intoxicated. At least you wouldn’t feel as sick as you would after eating 12 Kahlúa-filled chocolates.

If a relaxing buzz is really what you’re after, why not pair just one of the chocolates with a glass of whiskey and call it a day? You’ll get the best of both worlds, but without having to worry about the sugar coma.

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