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Cinnamon roll shot glasses are the ultimate addition to your brunch


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Mimosas and bloody marys are great, but if you really want to up your brunch game, these cinnamon roll shot glasses are where it’s at.

My favorite thing about these shot glasses from Oh, Bite It! is that they’re easy to make. They’ll make a huge impression on anyone you serve them to, and no one ever needs to know that all it took was a little elbow grease. I mean, honestly, who wants to get up early on a Sunday just to make a fancy brunch?

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For the recipe, refrigerated cinnamon rolls are cut into pieces, then pressed into shot glasses and baked. Once they’re baked, they’re dunked in frosting (yum!) and filled with the booze of your choice (double yum!).

Cinnamon roll shot glasses
Image: Oh, Bite It!

This recipe calls for Baileys, but I can totally imagine amaretto, Frangelico, chocolate liqueur or cinnamon whiskey being used. Or you could add some Kahlúa to your Baileys, and suddenly downing one of these would be like having breakfast, a cup of coffee and happy hour all at once. Now that’s something a girl could get used to (sorry, overnight oats, we have no time for your this morning).

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Of course, no one ever said cinnamon rolls have to be served at breakfast. Fill a couple of these cinnamon roll shot glasses with the booze of your choice, and serve with ice cream for a decadent dessert. Or swap the booze for hot chocolate, eggnog or a dollop of whipped cream to create a dessert the whole family can enjoy.

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No matter how you serve these, you can’t go wrong. Why not go for broke? Breakfast, brunch and dessert sounds like a good plan.

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