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Instagrammer’s perfect pasta creations look like works of art

Forget low-carb diets, we’re all about the pasta right now — and we can’t get enough of pasta maker Luca Donofrio’s Instagram feed.

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Donofrio, who works for New York–based Italian food market Eataly (take us there now), shoots lots of pictures on his iPhone for the pasta lovers of Instagram to drool over.

He certainly produces pasta that’s beautiful to look at — but only for so long, as we totally want to eat it all, too.

Check out some of his most mouthwatering posts.

Duck and chestnut tortellini for Valentine’s Day

“It’s become my number one passion in life,” Donofrio wrote. “To me it’s just a different form of artistic expression.”

Ricotta, speck and radicchio creste di gallo

“There are hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of shapes and options — you can do anything with it,” he said. “I love pushing the boundaries.”

Cappellacci dei briganti

Donofrio’s skills have been described as “elevating pasta to art.”

Fusilli al ferretto

Proving pasta really can be made in any shape.

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Cappellacci filled with ricotta, mascarpone, honey and Calcagno cheese

Donofrio oversees the production of 2,268 kilograms of pasta every week.


Pasta or candy? Equally tempting.

Baccalà and potatoes

Salt cod and potatoes? If it looks like that, we’ll try it.

Donofrio’s portfolio

Aka all of the pasta.

Improve your pasta vocabulary by following Luca Donofrio on Instagram.

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