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The most expensive Taco Bell meal you’ll ever eat

The latest food obsession sweeping the Internet is the over-the-top “Taco Bell Lasagna.” Since its birth, everyone has been reposting it on social media, thanking its creator for constructing this wonderful revelation in fast food. It looks delicious (if you’re a frequent consumer of Taco Bell), but you have to wonder, how much does it cost to create a masterpiece such as this? The price will most definitely shock you.

For now, we’ll ignore the amount of calories that are contained in this complex lasagna and focus on what goes into making this work of art. As you can see, a large number of ingredients are involved. They’re simple ingredients, but the real question is, how expensive is this to make? Taco Bell is well known to be one of the cheapest options for fast food, so the fact that this lasagna is alleged to cost $80 seems so far fetched. Does it really cost that much to make this fancified fast-food feast?

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The recipe calls for about 20 sides of ground beef, 20 sides of refried beans, 20 Cheesy Roll-ups, eight different types of burritos, tortillas and lasagna noodles. If the Shredded Chicken Burrito, at $1.69 each, was used for all eight burritos, that would come to a total of $13.52. Now, if we calculate the Cheesy Roll-ups at $1 each, that comes out to $20, ending with a total of $33.52. We have to consider that not all Taco Bells may offer sides of beef and refried beans, so to create this lasagna at home, you may have to improvise.

If you were to replace the side of beef with soft tacos with beef and add refried beans in the taco for your order, each taco would be $1.44. Twenty of these tacos would reach about $28. If you add that to your combined total, it would be $61.52. Now, if you are to add the price of lasagna noodles from a local grocery store, it would be about $2. As for the tortillas, also from a local grocery store, it would be about $4 for a pack. So the cost for all the ingredients would come in at $67.32 before tax. It’s not $80, but it’s still pretty expensive for Taco Bell.

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Everyone is so used to spending almost nothing to get almost everything at Taco Bell, so the price to make the “Taco Bell Lasagna” might be out of the average customer’s price range. However, the authenticity of it might make people want to try it — at least once.

Do you think it’s worth it? Leave your comments below.

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