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Eatable News: Meet the ‘Food Surgeon,’ Dr Pepper milkshakes and more


SheKnows Editorial

At SheKnows Food, we spend a lot of time reading about — you guessed it — food (and drinks too!). And we’ve come across some stories that are too good to not share. Here are the food items from the week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Proving that nothing in life comes without baggage, seltzer apparently rots your teeth

Seltzer is what I drink when I’m really bored with water but still don’t feel like inundating my body with sugar. But thanks to science, which is really good at ruining everything I love, we now know that an acid created by the carbonation in seltzer slowly dissolves tooth enamel. Cool, I’m glad that my violent hatred of chemistry in high school was totally valid. Even unflavored, unsweetened seltzer slowly degrades your tooth enamel, and dentists apparently say that, especially if you already have weak teeth, you shouldn’t drink seltzer on the regs. Looks like it’s back to flat water for me. — Grub Street

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2. This Ikea hot plate forces you to turn in your iPhone

Nothing is more annoying than a dining partner who won’t put away their phone. Luckily Ikea has a solution. Ikea Taiwan has created a hot plate that fires up when you place a cellphone beneath it. Better yet, it takes more than one phone to get it hot enough, meaning it brings people together, sans phones, to share a meal. If you ask me, this is a great idea — I’d love to see it implemented in restaurants to help foster conversation, though admittedly I would freak if I couldn’t Instagram a picture of my meal. — Foodbeast

3. People need to get a grip over Subway’s $6 footlong offer

Signs that you’re actually too good at marketing: People remember your past promotion so well that they become enraged when your next deal doesn’t live up to it. That’s the pickle Subway finds itself in as it launches its new $6 footlong sub deal. In years past, the chain has shilled $5 footlongs, and the campaigns were so extensive and catchy that I can still remember one of the jingles for the sale. Now people are basically enraged that, though they are still getting a discount, it’s still a dollar more than they’re used to paying.

But listen, people: You’re freaking out over the rate of discount on a fast-food sandwich. If this is upsetting you that much, I think your problems extend far beyond trying to find an extra dollar before lunchtime. — Foodbeast

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4. Burger King introduces Dr Pepper shake

Burger King’s release of a new Dr Pepper milkshake is blowing folks’ minds. But honestly, it kind of makes sense to me. First of all, you already have ice cream floats, which are just soda mixed with ice cream. Secondly, Dr Pepper, though its 23 flavors are a mystery, does have notes of everything from cherry to vanilla to root beer, all of which pair wonderfully with ice cream. I think the shake could be pretty good, and at just $2.69 a pop, it might be worth trying. Now get back to me when they come out with a Mountain Dew milkshake, and you can get a taste of what I sound like when enraged. — Huffington Post

5. Food surgeon videos surface, and we’re baffled

Sometimes you witness something on the Internet, and all you can think is, “How and why?” That’s how I feel about these new Food Surgeon videos on YouTube, in which someone takes a scalpel to a variety of foods, performing dissections and transplants for, uh, some reason. I guess I kind of get it — it’s all the glory of the medical profession, none of the yucky stuff.

Well, it turns out that the creator is neither a surgeon nor a chef. He’s none other than “Jeff,” an engineer in Seattle who hates television chefs but enjoys the shots of food being prepared. Of course, a cooking show without any people wouldn’t make its way on to TV, so Jeff took matters into his own capable hands and started making the Food Surgeon videos. I mean, hey, to each their own, right? Watch him transplant an Oreo’s creme heart into a Reese’s peanut butter cup. — NPR

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